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please don’t expect a new fic everyday i’m usually gone for months and then one week i manage to post like 10 different fics one after the other. so if you made a request i am most likely writing it! i’m also super swamped with homework and midterms. so please be patient. thank you :)

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"Thanks for jealous Taohun it was really good ^°^"

You’re welcome!!! :)

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thorbes if you’ve read the book *struck by lightning* you would know um jealousy and if you didn’t read sbl then Taohun jealousy Thanks^-^

(oh no i’ve never read that book but i looked it up and it seems rlly interesting, i’m going to put it on my way too long reading list. but here’s ~1k of taohun eep)

Sehun’s not the jealous type. Nope, not at all. The fact that Tao’s practically sitting on Wufan’s lap and whining about whatever Tao whines about is totally, absolutely not making Sehun want to sulk under Kyungsoo’s bed for a few hours until Kyungsoo feeds him. Sehun’s totally and completely fine.

"He looks like he’s going to explode." Chanyeol’s deep voice interrupts Sehun’s thoughts.

Sehun glares when Baekhyun leans too close, grinning in his face in a way that makes Sehun think he’s been hanging around Chanyeol too much. “Is Sehunnie jealous?” Baekhyun singsongs, fluttering his eyelashes.

"No." Sehun snaps back, because he is a man of little words, not jealous.

"You know." Jongdae drawls from Sehun’s left, "They’re really cute. Kris hyung and-"

"No, they’re not." Sehun interrupts, frowning as he watches Wufan and Tao, eyebrows furrowed. They are not cute. And he’s saying this as an unbiased spectator. Nothing else.

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"OMG if I could I would request you to continue that LuChen drabble, but honestly it was too perfect for words!"

Thank you!!! I might continue it, I actually really really like writing their characters omg

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"You should write LuChen (honestly didn't even know this pairing existed until Jongdae was like Luhan invited him to spend the Chinese New Year in Beijing and JUST SO MANY FEEEEELS). Maybe that could be the prompt (cuz Jongdae wasn't actually able to go Beijing!)"

i rmbr reading luchen catfic once and nearly dying tbh but woah i didn’t know luhan invited jongdae to spend chinese new year with him that’s so cute, ~600 words

Jongdae writes and deletes and rewrites the text twelve times before he finally settles on i have a schedule T_T i’m sorry. As soon as he presses send Jongdae wishes he could take it back. When he receives Luhan’s response (a short ok thats fine) devoid of any and all of Luhan’s usual ridiculously overused emoticons, Jongdae knows he’s fucked up. Jongdae may look stupid (Baekhyun and Chanyeol never stop reminding him of the fact) but he’s a lot more perceptive then most people (mostly Baekhyun and Chanyeol, the pricks) give him credit for. When Li Yin noona steps into the room, however, a soft smile playing on her lips, Jongdae shakes his head and squares his shoulders, easy grin settling on his lips. He refuses to think of Luhan and Chinese New Year any further.

Except when the clock strikes midnight and Jongdae is well aware that he’s close to Beijing, possibly a few kilometers away from Luhan, Jongdae gets restless. They have a few more recordings and performances left and when Jongdae spots the way Li Yin noona purses her lips in obvious anxiety, Jongdae has to remind himself to push his own restlessness away because both of them can’t be nervous wrecks. It won’t work like that. So he smiles at Li Yin noona reassuringly, pressing a soothing hand against her back and he doesn’t miss the way she throws him a knowing look. He’s not the only perceptive one here, that look says. Jongdae ignores it, though, and puts his entire mind and soul into his singing, finding it perfectly distracting.

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"luhan asks xiumin to marry him"

omg ok so im putting this in canonverse and it’s ~800 words

Minseok stares at the state of the dorms, frowning a little. They’re all drunk. The stupid pricks are all absolutely wasted and Minseok really doesn’t want to witness the three-man-Chingu-Line-huddle-slash-questionable-threesome-slash-Chanyeol-passed-out-on-top-of-the-other-two thing happening in the corner. Minseok really, really doesn’t want to witness Wufan drunk dialing Joonmyun despite the fact that they are barely a meter apart. And Minseok sure as hell does not want to witness Sehun crying (because Minseok has never seen a more unattractive crier than Oh Sehun).

But Minseok does have to witness all this, unfortunately.

Because he’s not drunk.


(Or fortunately, he’s not quite sure yet.)

“Baozi.” A voice whispers into his right ear, making Minseok jump. Minseok glares a little as he watches Luhan plop down beside him, his head lolling against Minseok’s shoulder heavily. “I can feel our little baozi steaming from allllll the way other there~” Luhan says in slurred voice, his wide doe eyes glinting mischievously.

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single parent remadora

ok so i didnt really understand exactly what this prompt meant but im gonna go for it i hope you like it!

Tonks never expected for this to happen again, the fluttery feeling deep in her chest, the way she has to suppress the giggles threatening to spill over (because Nymphadora Tonks does not giggle, what the hell). She never expected to fall in love. Not again. So when she pulls up to the preschool, Teddy bouncing in his booster seat, fingers entangled in hers even as his eyes dart over her shoulder excitedly, she steels herself, rolling back her shoulders. Although she’s never been the type to beat around the bush, she thinks this is something she won’t (can’t) confront. As Tonks pulls Teddy out of the car, Tonks decides she won’t let herself go through this again. She doesn’t think she can go through this again.

"Mr. Loopin!" Teddy shrieks, suddenly, pulling her out of her thoughts. Tonks takes a moment to breathe, steadying herself, before she turns on her heels and watches as Teddy runs to his teacher, Remus Lupin, immediately babbling on and on about his new obsession with space aliens and how he thinks it’d be an ‘eggcellenter’ idea to hold a tea party for those space aliens. Tonks can’t help but smile fondly as Remus nods, patiently, and asks questions that sound genuinely curious. She thinks being in denial might be the hardest thing she’s ever tried to do. And she’s a single mum.

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alrighty give me pairing/ot3/anything + prompt and i will write a short drabble i am in the mood to write!!!?

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castleupontheclouds replied to your post: title: the phoenix circusword c…

This was my favourite Jily of yours yet!

Thank you!! :)

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title: the phoenix circus
word count: 12,304
pairing: james/lily
side pairings: 
frank/alice, mary/marlene, others
summary: In which Lily Evans is the mysterious ringmaster of The Phoenix Circus and James Potter has the distinct feeling that he really shouldn’t be here, surrounded by so many people with so many secrets, lies, and distorted dreams. “Welcome to the Phoenix Circus,” she says, her eyes glinting, “Where the last enemy that shall be destroyed is Death.”
a/n: i finally finished it oh my god. i was inspired by “circus” by britney spears, “disturbia” by rihanna, and “like oh” by got7. lily is a circus ringmaster tbh. as usual i dont really know but ya enjoy!! <3
warning: mentions of torture, mentions of death, blood, almost smut but not really

James Potter prides himself in being observant and aware of his surroundings. That’s why he never (not once in his life) expected to be in a place like this, in a dark, dark room with exactly four and a half menacing pairs of eyes staring at him. He hears words and his brain doesn’t manage to register them until he sees the sharp glint of silver against candlelight, until he feels excruciating pain and wonders how the fuck he managed to get into a situation like this.

He was just supposed to pick up some flour and salt from the store for his mum.

Not end up in someone’s van, a blindfold shoved over his eyes while someone slammed something blunt into the back of his head.

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