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"Wait was Lily dating Marlene in the phoenix circus? I really liked that little subplot wow"

Yes!!!!!! My headcanon for circus master Lily Evans is that she’s pansexual as hell and it gives me a whole lot of life tbh

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"Lol I would really, really like it if you did continue the LuChen fic :3"

a very long overdue continuation of this Luchen drabble!! sorry for keeping you waiting I hope you like it!
fluff, PG, 773w

It doesn’t take long until Kim Jongdae is drunk as hell and sprawled across the couch. Maybe he should have anticipated that Luhan gives zero fucks about the fact that other people are just in the other room. Why else would Luhan be crawling onto Jongdae’s lap, a twinkle in his eyes that Jongdae had quickly learned to associate with Bad Things (usually someone locked out of the dorms or hair dye mixed into the shampoo)?

Maybe it’s the alcohol, maybe it’s the realization that the old year is coming to an end, a blank slate and so many new beginnings blooming in their futures, maybe it’s the fact that Jongdae has a feeling that along with opportunities and newly built bridges, things will fall apart as well (Liyin noona had once spoke of how the universe must always remain in a state of balance no matter how magnificent or terrible the results are, her eyes distant and soft as she stared at the microphone in her hands).

Maybe, just maybe, it’s something else entirely but Jongdae decides he’ll figure out that reason later. He has all the time in the world for that, so he lets himself melt into the moment, sighing as Luhan nuzzles his nose against Jongdae’s neck.

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"did u delete the college au jily u wrote? (beautiful stranger i think it was called?) :("

yeah!! i did!!! i’m sorry I just really didn’t like it after rereading it but I’m going to rewrite it and repost and tweak out a whole lot of things!

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word count: 1,858 words
prompt: ”rumor has it that her majesty queen lily has clandestine meetings with one of the serving boys - the one with dark unruly hair and glasses i think - in one of the castle broom cabinets BUT YOU DIDN’T HEAR IT FROM ME (from unofficialbridge)” (from the prompt list here xx)
notes: i’m gonna unofficially call this “xoxo gossip lady” tbh oops. i decided to try out a different pov than what i’m used to so i hope i did this prompt justice!! for jily royalty fest!!

There is a saying that the walls have ears and Lily Evans is quite aware of that. However, sometime between being crowned queen and enduring some very notorious rumors one of which accused one of her serving boys of transforming into a wolf once a month (which Lily strongly suspects may have just been a very badly worded sexual euphemism), she’s learned to stop caring about such things. Boredom was common among the inhabitants of the castle and whenever anything vaguely unusual happens, the people tend to latch on to it for months and months afterwards. So she chooses to dismiss those rumors in wake of much more important tasks.

Perhaps she should have adhered to that saying for, at this castle especially, the walls really do have ears and the servants and staff are privy to much more than Her Majesty Queen Lily Evans the First is totally aware of.

Take the East Wing, for instance. A certain baby-faced servant boy (whom some suspect enjoys the royal kitchen’s leftovers a bit too much) tends to run in and out of the East Wing daily. If one were to pause for just a moment beside the old bust of the late King Merlin and take three (long) steps down the hallway at the right, then one could witness quite a sight. Just alongside those beautifully framed, vintage paintings of generations upon generations of her majesty’s ancestors, within the well-hidden nook just behind the crimson and gold tapestry, one could find two bodies entangled in each other. A couple hidden in the shadows, their soft murmurs and muffled giggles occasionally interrupting the otherwise silent East Wing. 

This is our mysterious, notorious couple of course. The couple with a hundred and one embellished tales following their every move.

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"HOLY SHIT i just read the phoenix circus and i am so. confused. it was awesome even though i have no idea what was actually going on. please tell me you have a sequel in mind? that fanfic was a MINDFUCK and i want to be mindfucked some more. you're a brilliant writer, reading all your jily fics now!"

OH MY GOD!! THANK YOU!! I dont have a sequel in mind bc the ending was supposed to be very open ended but i’m so glad you liked it!!

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"Incoming war. Game of thrones. I love you."

is this a prompt?? because i’m going to treat it like one haha ~890 words

Lily Evans turns at the sound of drums and roars, her eyes drifting along the golden horizon until she sees it, just beyond the looming trees and falling snow. A fire. A mob. A horde of black cloaked soldiers coming closer and closer and closer to the wall with each passing minute. She exchanges a single solemn look with Peter Pettigrew before he brings the horn to his mouth, stubby fingers trembling. The horn pierces through the otherwise silent afternoon, birds from nearby trees flapping to safety. Shivers run up and down her spine at the way the sounds grates at her ears.

That’s when she gathers her skirts in her fists and runs, winding through the cramped corridors, her skirts sweeping along the cold stone and her feet echoing. She skids to a halt, the momentum making her hurdle into the steel door before her. Lily can hear the battle horn and the sounds of men and women coming to life all along the wall. She can practically hear their brains reeling with plans and their hearts thumping against their ribcages, in fear or adrenaline, she’s unsure. Or is that her own brain? Her own heart?

Lily fumbles with the hidden folds of her dress before she finally finds the keys, glinting silver in the torchlight. Her heart beats erratically and it takes her three tries to get the key slotted into the keyhole. 

The door finally swings open and she’s face to face with him

James Potter.

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please don’t expect a new fic everyday i’m usually gone for months and then one week i manage to post like 10 different fics one after the other. so if you made a request i am most likely writing it! i’m also super swamped with homework and midterms. so please be patient. thank you :)

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"Thanks for jealous Taohun it was really good ^°^"

You’re welcome!!! :)

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macysmiles answered your post: alrighty give me pairing/ot3/anything …

thorbes if you’ve read the book *struck by lightning* you would know um jealousy and if you didn’t read sbl then Taohun jealousy Thanks^-^

(oh no i’ve never read that book but i looked it up and it seems rlly interesting, i’m going to put it on my way too long reading list. but here’s ~1k of taohun eep)

Sehun’s not the jealous type. Nope, not at all. The fact that Tao’s practically sitting on Wufan’s lap and whining about whatever Tao whines about is totally, absolutely not making Sehun want to sulk under Kyungsoo’s bed for a few hours until Kyungsoo feeds him. Sehun’s totally and completely fine.

"He looks like he’s going to explode." Chanyeol’s deep voice interrupts Sehun’s thoughts.

Sehun glares when Baekhyun leans too close, grinning in his face in a way that makes Sehun think he’s been hanging around Chanyeol too much. “Is Sehunnie jealous?” Baekhyun singsongs, fluttering his eyelashes.

"No." Sehun snaps back, because he is a man of little words, not jealous.

"You know." Jongdae drawls from Sehun’s left, "They’re really cute. Kris hyung and-"

"No, they’re not." Sehun interrupts, frowning as he watches Wufan and Tao, eyebrows furrowed. They are not cute. And he’s saying this as an unbiased spectator. Nothing else.

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